Alba Adriatica


Alba Adriatica is known as the “Spiaggia d’Argento” (“Silver Beach”) for the peculiarity of the silver sandy coastline that embraces its coastline and guarantees relaxation for adults and fun for children who love to build sand castles.
The soft and continuous shoreline offers ample opportunities for recreation to lovers of free beaches.
On the seafront there are lot beach facilities that can satisfy any type of need: beaches equipped with lifeguards, play areas for children, beach volley courts, restaurants, pizzerias and bars where you can enjoy cocktails with friends, listen to music and relax.

The blue guide of Legambiente assigns the score of a “sail” to the Alba Adriatica coast and indicates the presence of a good tourist reception , an adequate state of conservation of the territory and, above all, the presence of interesting seabeds for those who love underwater activities; it also certifies, with the wave symbol, the cleanliness of the sea and beaches for greater safety of the little ones.
In fact, starting from a shore characterized by calm and shallow waters ideal for childrens, the waters slowly get higher until it open up in depths that are increasingly intense and blue where the sandy bottom does not contaminate the transparency of the water; in addition, the presence of trained lifeguards is an additional incentive to relax on the Silver Beach.


The Guglielmo Marconi promenade  runs along the town along and connect to south with Tortoreto and north to Villa Rosa and is equipped with a cycle path called “Corridoio Verde Adriatico”.
In fact, along this “Corridio verde Adriatico” (on foot, by bike or on skates) it is possible to admire evergreen plants, flowers and vegetation , take a pleasant stop on the benches or near the fountains.
The pinewood is located in the Villa Fiore area , gives a touch of elegance to the bathing area and gives every day oxygen and clean air preserving the houses from too much saltiness typical of seaside areas.
Along the way you can meet the seasonal stalls , the antiques market and rent bicycles and rickshaws to enjoy the path that connects Martinsicuro to Cologna Spiaggia crossing Alba Adriatica.

There are lots of events organized by the local administration, including the famous summer carnival , local markets, the pink night, concerts, cabaret and various food and wine events.
There are also initiatives designed for childrens such as the puppet show , the outdoor cinema at the Bambinipoli Comunale and various entertainments.
It should also be emphasized as the nightlife in Alba Adriatica offers various entertainment possibilities for both families and a younger audience, thanks to the various types of bars on the promenade, as well as the aforementioned initiatives and events.